New year resolutions


As you can see from the pic above, my resolutions centre almost entirely around writing, which is fitting, seeing as I am a writer. I finished my degree last summer and since then have been cracking on with different projects and hope to get a lot done this year. I’ll quickly run through these resolutions one at a time and give a little bit of detail behind each one.

Update my blog twice a week – Monday and Friday

This one is basically just to keep me ticking over. Keeping a blog where I don’t really have an aim other then writing stuff down allows me to keep in the groove. I’m much more effective in my work when I’m in a routine – on the treadmill so to speak.

Read more books (at least 12)

I didn’t get to read as many books as I would’ve like last year so I have set a minimum target of 12, or one a month. I’m pretty set on which 12 I’m going to read as well. I’ll put a pic up on Monday of the ones I’m going to get through (I’m expecting a delivery tomorrow of the final selection). Reading also doubles up as inspiration for my own writing and the more the read the more you learn about the craft of storytelling. I’ll add read more scripts here too.

Watch more films

Pretty much the same reasons above apply here. In the last week I’ve watched Devil in a Blue Dress, Brick, The Lives of Others, Requiem for a Dream and Dirty Pretty Things. I enjoyed all of them, apart from Brick, which I thought would be right up my street. I just couldn’t get into it. On the other hand, The Lives of Others had me hooked from the very start. Requiem for a Dream is also a film that will stay with me for a while. I actually have a lot more to say on these films but going to save it for its own post.

Keep up the exercise and healthy eating

Standard, generic fitness resolution. I do it already – the main pic on this blog is from when I was jogging – although maybe I’m a little bit slack when it comes to food/drink, so the aim is to just continue and tighten up on the beer drinking and pizza/burrito eating.

Complete 3 screenplays

This is a major one. I actually have a ton of script ideas but I’ve got it down to three that I definitely want to complete this year. A sports drama, a horror and, actually I’m still narrowing down my options on the third one.

I’m rewriting the script that will be the first to be completed and today I got to the point where I’m really happy with the first act and am going to crack on with it over the weekend.

Complete my novel rewrite

Last year I took part in my first nanowrimo. I completed it with my own personal target of 80,000 words. I have a little bit more to do and then it will be finished and the aim is to get a second draft done.

That pretty much covers the resolutions this year and if I achieve everything on this list, I’d say it has been a good year.


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