TEFL, a script and a Novella

Those have been the things going on with me since Monday.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

My mum is signed up to Wowcher and a deal came up for an online TEFL course. She bought it for me and I’m going to start it on Monday. I’ve had a couple of friends do it and it seems like a really good qualification to have. I never see myself being in a conventional 9-5 job and after I’m qualified this will be a good way to earn money and travel. The travel part is definitely something that will appeal to me in the future, but for now the opportunity to earn money teaching English here at home is what really appeals.

If I could combine this with the other teaching work that I’m still in the process of getting up and running (which I’ll discuss another time but is to do with creative writing), then for me that would be the perfect way to earn an income whilst I continue to work on my own writing. And speaking of my own writing

Modern Dreams 

The above is a new initiative from Salt Publishing, which is open for submissions. You can read all of the requirements by checking out the link in bold. They’re looking for novella’s between 20-30k in length. I have my idea sorted and, after nanowrimo I know it’ll take me around 8-10 days to write it, then a similar amount to re-write it and get it ready. So definitely looking to have it done sometime in February at the latest.

Just realised it’s a month until I turn 28.

The Script

Up to page 90 of the script I mentioned in a previous post. I’m still really happy with it but now I’m into act three it’s time to bring it all together and bring it to a close. I normally slow down to a crawl round about now as I wonder if my ending is strong enough or the build-up too weak.


Pretty short and sweet post today, and probably not all that interesting but hey, like my about page says, this is me just rambling on about stuff.





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