Treadmill desks, writing on smartphones, on-line learning and my song of the week

Treadmill desks

yeah, treadmill desks, which are exactly what they sound like. I get the reasoning behind it, I understand the theory, but no.

In actual fact I’m pretty open to most things and I’d definitely give it a try, but I’m all about work time being work time and exercise time being exercise time and, you get the idea. If you’re really that enslaved to work that you can’t find time to exercise then you’re probably too enslaved to do a lot of other things and personally, I’m at my most productive when I have a varied, balanced schedule. Even if the variety is simply moving from writing to reading a book. That division in tasks frees up your subconscious to really come up with some cool stuff for the area you’re not concentrating on at that time.

my traditional, non-treadmill desk
my traditional, non-treadmill desk

Writing on your phone

Over the weekend I saw a link on Twitter to an article on Galleycat which reported that “More than half of Wattpad writers wrote a story from a phone or tablet in 2013.” Really? I’ve tried several times to write using my iPhone but I can’t. Whether it’s on a train or in bed, I can never get in the frame of mind to write using my phone. If I’m out and about than it has to be paper, if at home it has to be paper or laptop. Although I think a tablet would be a different story.

TEFL course. 

Started and completed module one of the course I spoke about in my last post. It was a fairly simple start. What I found straight away is that this kind of course is perfect for me. I enjoy being in that learning vibe and personally, I always prefer to work alone. At university I much preferred lectures to seminars, when I could just be in my own zone and concentrate on the lecturer.

Script update

I’m on page 103 of my script, I’m well into act three and it will be finished by Friday. I’m over the little wobble I had and looking forward to what will be the final re-write when I’ve finished it off this week.

My song of the week

Thought I’d add something fresh from this week onwards. On Monday I’ll put up my song for the week and Friday my song for the weekend. My song for the week is one that’s been on my mind all day. You should check out this guys other stuff.




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