Stomach bugs, the joke that is Mayday hospital and a special birthday


There’s been a stomach bug going round and unfortunately I caught it, so I’ve been laid low since my last blog on Monday. Finally starting to feel better today but it put a dent in my plans to finish my script or getting any further than module two on my TEFL course. Still, now that I’m feeling better at least the script will be finished before the week is finished.


Mayday Hospital

Whenever my grandad has a hospital appointment I go with him. Today was one of those days. Four times over the last few months we’ve turned up only to be told that his appointment has been cancelled with no notice given. You can turn a blind eye the first time, maybe even the second, but four times? It’s pretty shabby treatment – especially when you take into consideration that some of these appointments have themselves already been cancelled and rearranged already. This isn’t to mention other issues. Needless to say this time I’m going to make a complaint because it really isn’t good enough. My grandma had similar problems and has switched to St. Georges hospital in Tooting. This after she worked in a hospital for years – now it’s her turn to be looked after and her appointments were continually delayed and cancelled.

A Special Birthday 

Today happens to be the birthday of The Greatest Of All Time. So I had to have a video, and it doubles up as my song of the weekend.

That’s it. Still feeling a little too rough to write any more then this short post.

A rubbish week with the sickness but next week is another week.



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