Routines, bucket lists, top albums and learning to draw


I’m a real stickler for having a regular routine when it comes to writing, and when it gets broken for whatever reason, I always find it a struggle to get back into it. In my last post I spoke about being sick, which completely upset the rhythm I was in. So, I’ve had a couple of late nights to try and finish off the script I’ve been working on. I’ve been hovering over the finish line for a while now and have been finding it hard to get back into the zone (which I find often happens towards the end of stories in any case, so I was really keen to just plough through in this instance, until being ill. I guess it’s to do with reaching the end of the journey or something. Even though re-writing will mean a lot more time spent with it. Close the brackets. OK) but finally, tonight I wrote The End, and Fade Out.  Now I can get back to my usual way of doing things.

I’m not much of an night owl any more but just had to get this script finally finished. Plus I spent today with my friend so my hand was kinda forced there too, what with the guilt if I hadn’t done any writing today. Guilt from not writing? Yeah, that’s a real thing you know.

Talking of routines, I said I’d update this blog on Monday and Friday, hence this update, even if technically it is Tuesday morning. With it being so late and me being so tired, that’s enough of an explanation if this particular post rambles, lacks coherence or anything else like that.

Bucket Lists

For some reason I’ve been thinking of starting my own bucket list. I don’t know why, and I only have a few vague ideas of what I think will go in.

Top Albums

Stumbled across this website the other day – it’s a site where you can rank your top 100 albums. This is going to take a lot of my time and be very distracting, I can feel it already.

Learning to draw

Oh yeah, that was why bucket lists came to mind. The other day I resolved to learn to draw. I really admire artists, or just people who can draw. So I started looking for step by step videos on YouTube.

Bearing in mind I’m really bad, this was my first attempt at following a video for drawing a female face. It aint great.

Again, this is a woman
Don’t look into her eyes too long, she might take your soul

BUT, I had another go tonight following a different video. Here’s that one.


Better no? Slightly? In all honesty, if I could learn to draw properly, and without using videos, I’d be pretty happy.


Oh, and now a tune, seeing as I said I’d add a song I was listening to on Monday and Friday. Today I’m gonna put up what I was listening to when I wrote The End in my script.


I think that’s it for now. Tomorrow I shall start work on my novella I think.


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