Tyson, TEFL, Infinite Jest and a song

This week I finished Mike Tyson’s autobiography, planned out the first act of my novella and completed some more modules on my TEFL course.


I’d recommend Tyson’s book to anyone, boxing fan or not. For some people his past actions may forever render anything he has to say meaningless, but there is a lot within those pages to consider and think about. From a pure boxing standpoint it had some fantastic insights but to look it as a purely sports related book would be doing it a disservice. At its heart it is a character study about one of the most interesting characters to have graced the earth. And it shows him in all of his greatness and sickness. I use the word sickness deliberately because for me, it’s the right word.



There is a lot that resonated with me throughout reading it, particularly his personal journey mentally and intellectually, a lot of it I’m sure I’ll come back to in the future, once I’ve properly thought about it. As a long time follower of Tyson I knew or had heard a lot of things about him, but like I said, it’s more the insights into his psyche that were always of most interest.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that there was something about a lot of the films that I had recently watched that I wanted to talk about and in many ways it bleeds into the kinds of things I was thinking, or that were bubbling away in my mind, whilst I was reading Tyson’s book. I’ll come back to that properly in another post.


The next book that I’m moving onto is Infinite Jest. I gave the foreword to it a quick read today and I can honestly say I’ve never read a more glowing intro. It has given it a big build-up.



As I’m doing a TEFL course it seems natural that a large part of that process is learning how to teach grammar. So far, the conclusions that I have come to are that, learning grammar with the aim of teaching it is the fastest way of realising that you have a very tenuous grasp of the rules yourself, as well as making you question every damn thing you write.


I mentioned previously a publisher that was looking for novellas and this week I started work on mine. I planned out the first act and, looking at the calendar, I’d like to have a first draft finished by my birthday (Feb 10th) That would be cool. If I can do that, I’d give my script the final once over, then go back over my novella, have Infinite Jest finished, be closer to finishing that TEFL course, and, well, that would be a good opening to the year.

A Song

This song is called They Done Wrong / We Done Wrong by a band called White Rabbits from their album called It’s Frightening, which really is a great album.


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