Sleep, a new project and a blog I love


Yes, sweet sleep arrived last night, and about bloody time too. Tomorrow I start work on my novella and have boxed off Feb 1st-Feb 9th to have a first draft finished by. I set specific time frames otherwise I just end up trundling along with no real urgency and often get caught in the trap of re-writing as well. Knowing I do this is one of the reasons (as well as it being sensible) that I plan things out in quite a lot of detail before I start, so that I can just power through that first draft that always needs a lot of work done to it anyway.

That isn’t to say that everything is set in stone just because I’ve planned it out. There’s always room for fresh creativity and spontaneity as you’re writing. I think that’s what worries some people when you suggest planning a story beforehand.

New Project

I read a post by a lady called Rachel  that spoke about a 365 self-portrait project – which involves taking a photo, of yourself, for….I think you can guess the rest. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, improving my drawing skills is something I’m trying to do at the moment and photography is also something I’ve always been interested in, so I think I’m going to add this project to my new years resolutions.

A Great Blog

There is a blog I often read by a lady called Cheryl Moore. The artwork is fantastic and the stories are brilliant. The whole thing is atmospheric, imaginative and mesmerizing.

A Song

For my Friday song I’ve gone with Kendrick Lamar because I think it’s ridiculous that he didn’t win a Grammy. I don’t really pay that much attention to awards shows but still, they missed the mark here.



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