Yoga, meditation, new art stuff and a couple of songs

Yoga and Meditation

This week I dipped into the world of yoga and meditation. The reasons for turning to meditation were that I was looking for ways to wind down at the end of the day and relax into sleep. Shutting down and stopping the constant whirring of my mind is something that has become increasingly hard to do over the years. I’m sure many of you know that feeling of climbing into bed, closing your eyes and nothing happening sleep wise because your mind is going crazy.

I haven’t actually tried the meditation before sleep just yet – I searched YouTube for a video yesterday and tried it out during the day just to see what it felt like and found that it was really relaxing. I got an app for my Iphone today and am going to try it out tonight.

The reasons for trying the yoga were pretty much the same as the meditation, as well as just looking for ways to totally, completely relax and kind of just forget yourself. Sometimes you can get so stuck in your head and already I’ve found yoga a pretty cool way to get out of the chaos of your mind and become – cliché time – grounded, centred and all those other words associated with these kind of things. Again I just went to YouTube and typed in ‘yoga for beginners’ and of course up pops a whole bunch of yoga stuff. I clicked on the first one I saw. I have no real idea what I’m doing so I just went with it.

One of the strongest things I’ve experienced so far with both meditation and yoga is how refreshed you feel afterwards. You end up feeling really calm and peaceful, so right now I’d say I’m fast becoming a convert to both yoga and meditation.

New Art Materials

For Christmas my auntie got me an Amazon voucher, which I’ve used to buy a couple of books. I used up my last fiver by buying this –


I’ll probably throw in an edit later with my first drawing using my new stuff.

Song Time

Pretty short post today, going to end first with this song from Metronomy, simply because one of the characters in my novella has the same name. On a side note I’ve seen Metronomy about, 6 times now I think. Check their stuff out if you haven’t.

and finally this song, which has been in my head since yesterday. This whole album, a little side project by Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane from The Rascals, is really good.



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