Old Age Concerns, Jobs And Changing Attitudes

First off, to start, I’m pretty pleased I’ve managed to stick at this blog so far. I set out to update it every Monday and Friday and so far so good (Even if a couple of the Friday ones have technically been Saturday morning.).

Old Age Concerns

My grandparents live with me and during Sunday dinner last week my grandad surprised me by saying, completely out of the blue, that he didn’t want to end up in an old people’s home. He’d never even hinted he had thought about such things before and my initial reaction was to say that it was a ridiculous worry, seeing as the reason my grandparents live with my mum and I is to avoid that very scenario. My grandma followed up with her own take on things, commenting on the homes that had been exposed as not exactly treating the people in the care with any kind of dignity. She added that when she was younger she’d worked various jobs at hospitals etc. and seen how old people were sometimes treated and that she’d said to my grandfather back then that she hoped nothing like that would happen to her.

I then realised and took on board more fully the human aspect of these kind of worries. As ridiculous as I thought it was initially for my grandad to bring it up, I can appreciate more fully now those deep rooted fears that even I, as a 28 year old, can sometimes be afflicted by; the loss of freedom, of not being in control, the fear of being cast aside, forgotten about.


I’m adamant that what my grandfather brought up will never come to pass but what it did was to shine a light on a possible path for myself job wise. Having my grandparents live with me had already started the initial thought process and the discussion over Sunday dinner built on this and helped make clear in my mind that, I’m quite passionate about ensuring old people have a voice, aren’t forgotten about and have a good quality of life. I know from experience that there are many little, and to me inconsequential things, that I can do that help my grandparents and there is a lot more I could do if and when the need arose.

It just so happened that yesterday I came across a job that asks –

Do you have the passion to deliver exceptional support to older people in their own homes, assisting them to maintain their independence?

Followed by –

“We are currently recruiting domiciliary care support workers, experience is not essential, as full training is provided.”

I’ve been thinking for quite some time now about what job I could possibly do that would make me happy, enable me to help people and actually give me job satisfaction. As the months have gone on since I graduated last summer I’ve racked my brains and tried to think of jobs I want to do.

I looked at writing work and my friend has several times sent me links to jobs as a sports writer (I did an internship as a football and boxing writer) but, as much as I love sport, the grind of writing article after article really doesn’t appeal to me. In fact, any kind of professional writing is not for me. I’m a creative writer full stop and I’m comfortable with that, but with that being said I know I have to earn money until such a time arrives that I am actually earning money from my work.

As I’m mentioned before I’m doing a TEFL course but there was still something missing inside even when I set out on doing that, even if I still think it will be a useful qualification to have.

I’ve looked at all other jobs and none of them appeal to me on what I would describe as a deeper level. I need a job where I can help people, where I can be of value to someone’s life.

Changing Attitudes.  

This desire to help people has always been there bubbling under the surface but in recent times it has really manifested itself in my thinking as the need to earn money has grown.

Even though it has always been there though, and even though I can trace how the desire has grown, it still represents a shift in attitude from even just a few years ago.

I suppose it is a natural part of maturing to be more aware of other people, to be less self centred, but as I’ve said my shift feels deeper then just acknowledging personal growth and has shifted into wanting to put that change into quantifiable action and utilising it as way of living.

A Song

Well, I’ll end as usual with a song as I go over in my mind the usual trepidation that comes with acknowledging something that would represent quite a shift my life, work wise, if I were to apply and be successful.



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