Jobs, Jillian Michaels and that’s about it

So my last two posts have been a little longer than usual and today this one will be a little shorter. I actually planned for this one to be a longer post because I had a lot of different stuff floating around my head over the weekend, but in the end the day got away from me and so instead it comes to this, a short post about a couple of things.


On Friday I talked about a job I’d seen and the reasons behind why it appealed to me. Today I went ahead and applied. Not much else to say about that until I hear back about my application.

Jillian Michaels  

A few posts back I said I’d started to get into yoga. In the course of continuing to look around YouTube I ended up finding a video called ‘Yoga Meltdown’ by a lady called Jillian Michaels. I had no idea she was a celebrity fitness person but one of the reasons this post is so short is because I’m pretty damn hungry after going through the video. I could have done a post later on I guess but I have a double date with Infinite Jest and Claire Underwood.

But yeah, I started doing this Jillian Michaels thing about a week ago and all I can say is that these yoga girls are pretty damn strong. I guess it’s just still so alien right now seeing as I’m used to weights etc.


I’ve often thought about starting a vlog. There are a few people on YouTube that I really like but every time I set up the camera on my phone I get way too self concious for me to just be myself. There was a video about books I saw the other day that interested me, I’ll link that on Friday.

A song

And seeing as this post was so short


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