So, how did February go, and what will March bring?

First of all, I’ve come to realise that I start a lot of sentences with ‘So,’. Like I did in the title to this post. I laugh every time I spot one now before I take it out. I guess it’s my own little writing quirk or tic.


I failed to finish it in the time I gave myself. In fact as it stands it won’t be finished this month at all. It’s a while since I missed a self imposed deadline. I had a few issues going on that struck at the wrong time but normally nothing gets in the way. But shit happens, roll your sleeves up and keep going.

As it stands I’m on 20,980 words and very close to the conclusion.

Infinite Jest 

So, I have the 12 books set out I’m going to read this year, at what was supposed to be at a rate of one a month. Goodreads informs me I’m 60% into it but this is in no way a let down (not finishing it in a month I mean)

I’m enjoying this book so much it’s ridiculous. It’s quite the commitment concentration wise but flows so well that you don’t get caught up in thinking just how dense and puzzle like it is as you connect the different story strands and adjust to the new things that come to light and change your perception with almost every new chapter.

I’m planning on reading Gravity’s Rainbow next, another weighty tome that I imagine will take me longer to read then the average book, plus be pretty taxing concentration and commitment wise. In some ways I wished I’d read the Pynchon novel first as one of the little critical praise pieces at the front of Infinite Jest says this –

photo (4)

I hadn’t really considered a timeline in terms of when the authors were around etc, not that it will make much difference in the long run.


The biggest thing on the horizon in March right now is that the BBC’s Writersroom is opening it’s doors for submissions again from the 17th-31st March.  Giving my script the final once over before sending it in is obviously the priority, as well as finishing my novella and getting that submitted as well. And once my script is submitted, it will be time to turn my attention to the second of the three scripts I want to complete this year. At the moment I’m leaning towards going forward with the horror idea I’ve had for a while.

Going to leave the March aims at professional stuff for now. On Monday I’ll talk about other things I’m aiming for in March and maybe talk a bit about a little venture that I’m currently planning and hoping to move forward with in the coming months.

A Song 

I’ve been playing FIFA 14 this week and can’t get this damn song out of my head.


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