Healthier eating, less alcohol, and being more active: My March aims

Today was the first time I nearly missed updating my blog. I felt sluggish as hell so forced myself to go for a run. I did just over 4 miles and felt reset enough to sit down and write.

On Friday I talked about more ‘professional’ aims, and seeing as I’m a writer those aims were pretty self explanatory. Here then are my more personal goals.

Healthier Eating

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’ve started doing yoga, and for a while now I’ve been thinking about overhauling my diet. I’m not overweight and my diet isn’t the worst in the world, but there’s definitely a few too many pizzas, burritos and cans of beer for my liking.

A lot of the motivation for the change is how aware I am of how letting poor food choices creep into your diet on a regular basis negatively  affects you mentally. From time to time I’ve been motivated to eat healthily and am usually good at keeping it up for quite a while, and there’s a definitely a difference when I go back. It really isn’t much of a surprise, it’s well known now how badly processed foods affect people in a myriad of ways, from the physical to the mental.

Still, there’s a deeper underlying urge to make a concerted effort to make a permanent change from here on out. It started bubbling away some point in the last year or so and has got stronger and stronger.

I remember over Christmas a Pizza Hut flyer got delivered advertising this new monstrosity –

It actually turned my stomach, like, I’d never had such a visceral reaction to it. I mean, beef burgers in the crust? The thing is, I could just imagine the horribleness of it but this article here gives perhaps the best description. 

So anyway, my feelings were partly just me not wanting to put certain foods inside myself any more, plus I started to feel an almost moral obligation to be against a pizza containing 2,880 calories when a) so much of the world is starving and b) so much of the food that is prevalent in so many of our societies is basically toxic and leading us down a road of obesity and diabetes.

Some people’s first response will be to bring up the free will argument, but I’ve discussed before the insidious and pernicious marketing tactics behind fast food companies, not to mention that this stuff is addictive, because of the nature of the processes with which it is made. Free will plays a part, but it’s a little more complex than that.

My resolve was further strengthened by two documentaries I watched over the weekend – ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ and ‘Vegucated‘ – both eye opening in different ways. There is no doubt that the way animals are farmed to keep up with our increasing demand for meat products as shown in ‘Vegucated’ really hit me. I just don’t think I want to play a part in such a sick system.

I’ve toyed with the idea of going 100% vegetarian, or even vegan. Right now I feel too attached to meat, like I’m looking forward to having some chicken at the end of the week, and going forward I can see myself eating meat as like a once or twice a month treat. But I hear that over time I’ll lose those cravings so who knows, maybe I’ll work my way up to being a full non-meat eater. All I know is that today I had some serious cravings for all the bad stuff; pizza, burgers, burritos, because of what ties into, my next aim.

Less Alcohol

It was my friend’s birthday night out on Saturday and as is pretty normal, I overindulged. If you’re anything like me the day after all you want is fried food etc. I managed to stay away from anything too bad, seeing as I’d decided to try and implement some changes in March last week, before realising that a night out fell on March 1st, bad timing for the first day of a fresh start eh?

Everything I said about food affecting you negatively is doubly true for alcohol and so, from here on out, I’m going to try, try being the operative word, to limit myself big time when I go out now. The food changes will be much easier, of that I have no doubt. The first night out will be a big test.

Oh, so yeah I was feeling sluggish today and still had those cravings as like, an extended hangover I guess (that’s how you know you’re getting old, when it takes a couple of days to really recover) but I started as I mean to go on with three good, healthy meals and a good jog.

Being More Active

This actually just means more running – but with a specific aim. I’ve got the Nike+ app on my phone where you earn different trophies for various achievements. I’ve won the bronze and silver trophies a couple of times but this month I’m going for gold, which to get I need to run 50 miles. I’ve done 7.7 so far, so hopefully I’ll earn that gold.

A Song

What song today then? How about this?



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