Healthy eating update & some blogging aims

Healthy Eating

I made it – this week I consumed no sugar, drank only water and am on track for the 50 miles I want to run this month to get the gold trophy on the running app I use.

First of all, the cravings. Man oh man the cravings. Up until Wednesday I felt like a drug addict in withdrawal. All I wanted was bread, pizza, chocolate and biscuits. I’m gonna drop in this article here about the addictiveness of processed foods high in sugar and salt. 

But yeah, the cravings were bad but I was determined and stuck it out. I also cut my meat consumption right down. As I said on Monday, this isn’t for weight reasons but more for well being and when it comes to meat, ethical reasons (although again, I don’t know if I’ll cut meat out completely but if I don’t, I’ll be more aware of what meat I buy, even though a part of me questions if you can even trust the labels on food packaging)

The shift to healthy eating has lead to me being in the kitchen a lot more. I can cook, but there’s a lot more effort and consideration that has gone into this week as I experiment with portion sizes and things like that. It sounds simple and obvious but changing things around so drastically kind of throws you off a little, especially as your body is adjusting. And just converting what you ate before, size wise, doesn’t often translate so well into it’s healthier alternative.

By yesterday my body was getting used to things and I’m finding myself full and satisfied on like half the portion size I’d normally have of other stuff. It definitely hits home just how addictive some things are, I mean there are so many foods that once you start you can’t stop because of the things that are in them.

And the last thing I’ll say on this for now is that I’ve noticed that my mood has been consistent through the whole week. I haven’t snapped at anything silly, or had crashes in energy, well, during the last day and a bit anyway, the first couple of days I felt terrible.

Blogging Aims

I’ve got into the habit of updating this blog late in the day and then having it become more of a chore. So I’m going to aim to get my posts in earlier in the day. It’s not actually a chore posting twice a week, it’s just for some reason sometimes I don’t do it as soon as I finish my other writing and leave it until later. It’s not like I don’t have anything to post or struggle for what to write, or that I don’t enjoy just rambling on here.

Sometimes I think we spend as much time as anything just fighting an innate ability we have to make things awkward for ourselves 🙂

Aim number two is to engage more with the people who’s blogs I read. I do read other blogs but now I’m going to try and leave a comment or two a week rather than just clicking on like and leaving it at that.

A Song

My favourite track from one my favourite albums




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