Scriptwriting, novella and food stuff

What was I saying the other day about getting my posts done earlier in the day? Maybe I’ll get that right on Friday but today there was a good reason for it and that is –


As I mentioned last week, the BBC writersroom opens its doors for submissions again next week until the end of the month, so I’ve been giving my script the final once over. I have to say, I’m pretty damn pleased with it. I need to tweak one more tiny little thing and it’ll be good to go.

When it comes down to it, the script is almost the easy part. Actually, let me rephrase that, it’s the easier part, because the part I hate, the part I really don’t like, are the twin evils of the synopsis and log line. I hate trying to distil my work into a pithy little paragraph or even worse, a sentence.

The truth of the matter is it comes down to practice, nothing more, just like every other part of the creative writing spectrum. I haven’t worked as hard at developing these skills as much as I have actually writing scripts and even to a lesser extent writing treatments, so naturally I find them a pain.

Still, it’s better you know your weaknesses than to blindly think you’re brilliant at everything, so starting from this script, I’m going to have to make a real effort to develop that side of my game because I accept that they are very skilful and important elements  as well. And in the end hard work pays off, which is why I was so pleased when going over my script today, simply because I can see and recognise the real improvements I’ve made since I first decided that scriptwriting was something I was passionate about.

Once it’s done, dusted and sent off, I’ll share a bit more about what exactly the script is about.


I hit a wall in the novella I’ve been banging on about for the past few weeks the other day. I’m literally right at the end now but I was stuck on one particular part that just wasn’t unfolding as I wanted. I worked out it was because I was telling too much, and not showing. I was using a whole dialogue passage between two characters to describe a key moment and, as good as any dialogue can be, the impact in this particular scene is lost because we’re not experiencing it first hand. It flummoxed me for awhile because through the course of the story the device of learning through dialogue works perfectly and fits, but not in this end part. Here I’m going to have to mix it up and throw in a flashback.

Again, after it’s done and dusted I’ll share more concrete details. Was thinking about taking another foray back onto Wattpad as well. I joined last year and put up a couple of chapters of the novel I was working on for my dissertation (which incidentally will still be my first novel). But I took it down because I realised just how much it would change and lo and behold, the 80k words I did for NanoWriMo were incredibly different.

But seeing as my novella will be a complete and finished work, I’ll stick it up there (but also secretly hope I can’t because it gets selected for the publication I’m sending it too.)

Food Stuff

Today marks a week since my change in eating/drinking habits. I’m happy to report that my sugar cravings are all but gone and my taste buds seem to be adjusting to the new diet now and getting used to natural flavours. At first, nothing seemed sweet enough after the added sugar in processed stuff, but that isn’t so much the case now.

I’ve got a cheat day lined up next Monday food wise as I’m eating out, which will be well deserved. I say cheat, it will just be a little more meat as I won’t be drinking.

If I make it through till next Saturday without a drink, that would be two weeks without a drink and I can’t remember the last time I did that. It would also be just under two weeks of just drinking water. But, I did message my friend today asking if they fancied a little wine at some point this week, and use that as this weeks cheat day. Cos you see, the next challenge will be to be able to incorporate a cheat day without then completely falling apart and going back to old habits, so I want to test that and see how it goes.

A Song

Such a tune


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