Job prospects

Job Prospects

I mentioned in a previous post about a job I applied for, which was to be a carer for the elderly and the motivations behind me applying for it.

Alongside this I’ve been working on finalising something else job wise, and that is as a creative writing tutor. I’ve been thinking about how exactly I want to go about it. I’ve spoken previously about how I’ve toyed with the idea of a vlog but never committed but I think that a series of videos on a YouTube channel could be the way forward in this instance. It would help with exposure and also when I advertise for clients they would be able to see me and what I’m about.

I’ve been planning out what I would cover, which is really the obvious stuff like plotting, characters, structure and formatting in the case of scripts. I’ve realised that a lot of the examples I plan to use are script based but that they cross over into prose as well.

Ultimately I’d like to get to the point where I was answering questions from viewers, as I’ve seen on other YouTube channels, as well as working with people in person.

The plan I have would also be to take scripts, break them down and analyse them as teaching aids. So far I’ve taken a cross section of scripts of differing budgets and genre (The Matrix, Juno and Shifty) to basically demonstrate that the principles that I aim to get across about things like structure play out much the same across the spectrum.

I’ve been doing all of this tentatively so far – I actually had a stab at it late last year but wasn’t entirely satisfied with the direction I wanted to take it in.

Talking to my cousin, who recently (as in this month) started her own venture, has given me added impetus to go ahead and do it, try and see what happens, so I’ll keep at it and see where it takes me.

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