Rewriting & editing my script, & my first freelance job

Rewriting & Editing

It’s exactly one week until the deadline for handing in scripts to the BBC Writersroom passes, so I’ve been feverishly editing and rewriting parts of my script off the back of some tres good feedback from the friends who I sent the script to read. It never ceases to amaze me how you always end up overlooking certain things in your own work. Anyway, after quite a few revisions to act one and three, or rather not so much revisions but just general tightening up of some things and chucking out things that blatantly didn’t need to be to there, I’m going to tentatively say that it’s almost ready.

One bad habit that I’ve slipped into for some reason recently, and it happened in my novella too, is doing too much telling and not enough showing. It’s possibly, probably is, laziness on my part because I’m doing it in places I never used to do it. To be honest it’s only over the last few days that I’ve noticed that my work had suddenly gone a little flat recently. Up until about half way through my novella I was in a good groove. But anyway, I feel like I’m getting back into my flow again. I guess you can’t always be at your best.

My First Freelance Job

So I wrote the other day about trying to find my first freelance job – which I’ve managed to do – it’s article writing across a whole range of topics and whilst the pay isn’t great, it pays daily, it’s regular and you know, it’s the first step on the ladder.  I’ll give a few more details about it on Friday.

A Song


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