10 ways to get a girl to like you (not really)

That is though, one of the articles that I wrote this week, along with some others about hunting rifles and other stuff. Not that I’ll be doing it much longer because the necessity for money is approaching faster than any breakthroughs. Obviously I only just started this whole freelance writing thing so I know I can’t just expect some huge projects but honestly, my heart already isn’t in it. I mean, it’s interesting enough but it’s not scriptwriting, or novel writing. But I resolved to give it another try to see.

Now I know the squeeze of bills and stuff has been getting worse and I guess I’ve avoided it because I look around for jobs and the only thing that is within my reach is retail (which I did for a few years before and during part of uni). Going back to it is not what I want, even part time. But retail is the only experience I have. I’ve trawled through countless other jobs but I don’t seem to match up to any of them and really and truly, a creative & professional writing degree is pretty useless (which I knew anyway)

But, there’s no point ever feeling sorry for yourself. I’m going to submit my script to that writersroom thing, I found other comps and places to send it too as well, I’ll finish that novella finally, start the next script, bite the bullet and I suppose just get job, any job. Even if it’s in retail. Maybe. Possibly.

A Song

Today a song from a film that is one of my all time favourites. Yep, I know it isn’t one of the greatest films of all time, but I bloody love it.


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