Biting the bullet, submitting the script and work stuff

Biting The Bullet

So over the weekend the decision has been made that we will sell our house and move outside of London. It was actually a decision that was arrived at last year but various circumstances made us reconsider and stick it out for a while. Now though, with a few months of money left, the realisation is that the mortgage here is too expensive, and so the plan is to sell and buy a house outright. At least then we won’t have a mortgage to worry about.

Relocating isn’t something I’m overly concerned with. Leaving London – where I’ve spent my entire life – and friends behind is obviously a big deal but to be honest, I’m a pretty adaptable person and long term it makes sense for my mum and grandparents to be somewhere they don’t have the stress of a huge mortgage, and I can continue on my own path in time.

I think experience teaches a lot of us that plans are often made only to be unfulfilled, but I envision myself being back in London before too long anyway (in the grand life plan that I have had rather optimistically mapped out since the age of 25 and which stretches out to the age of 35 anyway. At 28 I’d say I’m suitably on track with lots of room for improvement but doing well enough for what has been by any stretch a stressful last few years. I talked the other day of never feeling sorry for yourself, which is why despite the stressful stuff, I’m still on track. Whatever happens, just keep moving towards your goal (which sounds way to much like a cheesy motivational slogan then I imagined) and once again I’m reminded that at times I open brackets to make a point and lose myself along the way and then abruptly close them)

As to where we will be moving, that is still under discussion, but Essex and Nottingham have been discussed but what is sure is that we’ll have enough for a good place once this place is sold.

The Script has been submitted.

Yes, the script that I have been working on for quite some time has been submitted and now, the waiting game begins. Now that it has been sent off, I have started work on my next project, and as any writer knows, the start of a new project brings a burst of creativity that I guess is kind of like the big bang – everything that will ultimately form your story is spewed out in a blaze of ideas.

Work Stuff

I saw a job ad today for a freelance job that pays significantly more than what I’m doing right now – as in it would actually be a decent wage, so I’ve applied and fingers crossed they get back to me.

A Song

A great song, although on the album it’s called Estocada.


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