Films, books, moving

Last time out I spoke about moving right? I think so – this time I’m saying I’m looking forward to moving because it will be a fresh start. I’m a little worse for wear after my first pints in a long time.

New books

This week I went a bit book mad. Earlier on this year I spoke about how I had my twelve books that I will read this year already planned out. Still, books are my weakness and seeing as I had a little bit of money because of my freelance work last week (and a paypal account that I’d forgotten had money in it from last year, which is really the reason I had ‘spare cash’ because the money I earnt  I’d earmarked for saving), I bought these




Now the top book I bought because last week I wrote an article about pick-up artists, which I had not even knew existed but evidently do and this particular book is supposed to be the best book on the subject and I thought it would be a fun book to read. The others are just books that caught my eye, two of which I actually bought from a charity shop.


I signed up for the sky version of Netflix because of a free one month trial I had and I have to say, at this moment in time I think it’s better than Netflix. It’s 2 pound more expensive than Netflix but I’m inclined at this point to think it may be worth it.

So yes, films. After spending the last couple of weeks going over old series of Dexter that I’d already watched out of sheer curiosity to see just where exactly it became not very good (series 6, which I’ll probably go into more detail later), I went on a mini film binge and watched: Stoker, Byzantium, After Earth and Bernie.

They were all decent enough and I’ll probably talk about them more in my next post.

But talking of films, I also caught ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’  on BBC2 last week. It happened to be one of my favourite books of the last few years



I’d never seen the film but, the film certainly lived up to what I’d experienced with the book. Funnily enough, I’d purchased this book


during the week, because I’d loved her other book so much.

A Song




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