Focus, Daniel-san

NaNoWriMo is really bloody effective

The other day I met up with my friend Jivan (who by the way, is also a writer – a suitably awesome writer nonetheless – who recently started his own blog that you should check out), anyway, I was saying to him how I was dreading going back to my novel and going through 80,000 words (I’d challenged myself to do 80, rather than 50 thousand words during the month.)

I was principally dreading it because its not even finished yet and because of all the inevitable going over it and editing it.

Anyway, yesterday I thought why don’t I just have a quick glance over it and see how I feel. So I did, and lo! I came out thinking ‘shit, all the ideas and tone and character I was trying to get across – has in fact, got across.’

Admittedly I still have a sense of trepidation of plunging myself back into the world of my novel, but I certainly feel better about it knowing that I didn’t instantly feel like I’d got it all completely wrong, like I did with my novella.

But what really came across to me, was how focused it seemed. Even when I randomly jumped ahead a hundred pages I could still see and feel the thread of the story I was trying to tell. The answer for that I feel comes down to the pure writing/work ethic that NaNoWriMo fosters. For that whole month I was completely and utterly dedicated and didn’t miss my word count once.

Now I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m quite a self-disciplined writer but what I’ve also mentioned (I think) is how I can flounder after finishing a project, for example finishing my recent script and sending it into the BBC Writersroom thing.

There’s normally a period of time that follows of me not really getting much done or being focused on any one thing. So, today I resolved to finish a short story I’ve been working on, like, get it done by Wednesday next week, and then crack on with planning my next script, which by the way is going to be a horror script.

Good, that’s settled then. Now that’s done things will be fine. Once I get going I’m fine with seeing something through until the end.

Film Stuff

I’ve fallen into watching a lot of Mark Kermode reviews of films this week, probably because I’ve been watching quite a few films myself and you know what’s its like, you get curious about what other people and critics think, so that you can see where your opinion matches up.

Now I’ve recently taken to (as in, in the last couple of days) blogging along as I read a book and writing posts based on thoughts and ideas that have been sparked by moments in the book. At the moment I’m reading In Cold Blood.

I have no idea if I’ll start doing that with films but what I will do is include a scene below from Stoker that at the time struck me as being really good. Judge for yourself.

A Song

I watched an interview with Ralph Macchio today so the song just had to be this.




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