Just a couple of things

So I did I think two extra posts last week and then forgot about doing my usual Monday post.

Today was one of those days when I couldn’t be bothered with anything but I still – with a great amount of effort – managed to get some planning done on my new script. Also, whilst reading In Cold Blood I came to a bit that I thought merited a blog post, to go along with the other posts I’ve been doing as I’ve been reading the book but that can wait until tomorrow because right now I’m bloody tired. I went out to play pool and now I’m just desperate for and hoping for sleep as I’m in one of those periods where a goods night sleep just isn’t coming.

I think part of the lack of sleep is that I replied to a job ad last week and I’m waiting to hear back because honestly, I can’t help but think that I fit the bill for what the job is asking for and if I don’t even get a reply I’m gonna be pretty pissed off.

A few days to the start of the snooker world championship and the chance to see the master in action – check out this maximum to wrap up the Welsh Open title. I doubt most people give a damn but still.

A Song

This tune brings back some serious memories


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