Just A Couple Of Things 2

Further to my long rambling post from Friday that talked about stuff like behaviour, environment, choice etc, all inspired by the book I’m reading at the moment (In Cold Blood), I had/have another long post to go alongside that but it will have to wait because I’ve found myself in a good writing groove today and I’m just writing this quick post to stop me doing what I’ve found myself doing way to often and doing a blog post late at night.

What does it even matter if I miss a blog update? The answer is it doesn’t but I set myself a target in January of doing two updates a week and the aim was to stick to it for a whole year and it’s a target I want to achieve, whether or not anybody reads my posts.

What am I writing?

Well currently I’m finishing off a short story that actually I should’ve finished by now but it’s nearly done. It’s called ‘Inquisitive’ and is about a boy who is, well, you know.

I’m also planning out my next script. I’ve sat and planned out all the scenes from act one, now to kick on with the rest of it. It is my first attempt at a horror script so lets see how it goes.

Actually, thinking about it, it’s my second attempt at a horror script. The first attempt was abandoned and changed to a short story, which I workshopped at uni. It went down quite well, I made it a little over complicated though, which isn’t a problem with my new script and really I’m still undecided on whether the earlier idea works better as a script or a short story but regardless, I still like the idea (which is, by the way, about a young couple being haunted by the baby they had aborted years ago after the woman gets pregnant again. Or at least it starts off as the baby, the baby gets older and grows up as the story progresses and the haunting gets increasingly more deranged. Which I’m sure has been done in many different forms and guises before)

I think, that will be it for today.  Apart from the customary song.

A song



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