Just A Couple Of Things 3

Signing on

I started the process of signing on last Friday and had my first appointment with a ‘work coach’ today. This is the first time I’ve gone about this process and basically the plan that I had to agree with the woman I saw was that I would have to apply for at least one job per day and provide proof of this at each subsequent appointment.

It should be obvious then that I haven’t received any word on the jobs that I applied for recently and the freelance work that I was doing has ended.

As part of my agreement I also have to look for work outside of my preferred sector, so will just have to see what happens.


I finished In Cold Blood last week and it’s pretty clear from the posts that it inspired that I found it thought provoking and enjoyable. I’ve never sat down and written a proper review of a book but seeing as I’ve started blogging along as I read books I may try and do a proper review of the books I read in future.

Decided I’m going to read Gravity’s Rainbow next. After Infinite Jest I didn’t want to tackle another huge novel straight away but now I’m raring to get stuck into it.

Before Infinite Jest I’d say I definitely looked at big, hefty novels with a certain trepidation but now feel much more comfortable with the idea of getting stuck into a long story.

I’m bang on target to get through the twelve books I want to read this year. On Goodreads you can see other readers targets for the year and I swear, some of them are mental, as are the number of books some people have got through already. I read way too slow for anything more extravagant than hoping to read twelve. I do spend a lot of time ruminating on things as I read books though and sometimes I do wonder if people are actually appreciating what they are reading or just rushing through to say they’ve read it.

A Song 


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