Live Music

Last night I went to my first gig in ages. I saw Clutch at the Forum in Kentish Town with my mate. We were meant to see them a few years ago but missed it because of something stupid (getting on the wrong tube I think) but they reeled off all the tunes that got us into them in the first place so it was all good.

The whole thing properly got me excited about going to gigs again. Pretty lucky I’m seeing Janelle Monae next week then I guess.

Jobs I’ve applied for so far this week

  1. Part Time Admin Support / Project Support
  2. Referral Sales Team Member
  3. Brand Protection Assistant at Nike
  4. Office assistant
  5.  A Writing position


So far no responses – all the jobs are in the 15-20k bracket so not overreaching seeing as my experience level for anything is pretty low, apart from retail. Actually I think the Nike job might be above 20k. Sounds like a cool job though.


For the first time in a long time I’ve hardly done anything this week. Decided to just relax and get back to it properly next week. Of course, it hasn’t been a complete no writing zone, but it’s been mostly just jotting down ideas for future stuff.


Watched The Conjuring again, enjoyed it even more second time around. It’s a damn good horror film. At the cinema I can never really take in what’s going on during horror films, I really am one of those people who watches them from behind my fingers, peeking through. Same thing with anything overtly violent as well.

Last week I watched House of the Devil and it gave me nightmares. Everything was fine until the last few minutes when some serious shit goes down. Man it’s pretty intense, especially with all the flashing images popping up.

The whole film is shot wonderfully though in terms of the way it does the whole 80’s feel.

Watched Don Jon this week as well.

I keep mentioning blog posts I’m going to write and I can put one about Don Jon in the queue now, as well as one I mentioned about Silver Linings Playbook  

A Song

The usual song to go along with the other two today.




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