Just A Couple Of Things 4


So after two gigs and four nights out, the celebrations for my best mates 30th birthday are finished. The big 3 0 will soon enough have claimed my whole friendship group. I’ve still got just under two years to go but time seems to be moving through the gears in terms of how fast it seems to be going. I remember being 16 and a teacher saying that after 25 time really starts to fly. He wasn’t wrong.

A case in point is that we’re fast approaching the mid way point of the year, which seems like a ridiculous thing to be saying. At the start of next month I’ll have to revisit my post from January and see how well I’m doing at meeting the targets I set myself.

Janelle Monae


This was easily one of the best gigs I’ve been to. It was as awesome as I hoped it would be. She sure knows how to put on a show. The whole band and backing singers were fantastic and it was a properly high energy, infectious set and she reeled off all the songs I was hoping for.

Scripts/short stories/Novella

Started editing a short story I finished last week. Looking forward to getting it properly finished. As soon as its done I’ll start looking around for some short story competitions.

Basically finished planning my new script, I’m still unsure how I want it to end though.

As for my novella, I feel ready to go back to it now after initially being disappointed in how it turned out. There’s still a lot in there I like, I just need to do some major cutting.

A Song  

Any of my blog posts that has the words ‘just a couple of things’ in the title is bound to be short.

Today’s song is from Babyshambles from way back in the day when 30 seemed like a lifetime away.




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