Just A Couple Of Things 5

The Bridport Prize

Due to the fact I’m busy putting the finishing touches to the short story that I am going to enter, this will be a small post. This year is the first time I’m entering and to be honest I’ve left it rather late in the day as I only started my short story on Tuesday. For some reason, the whole thing had passed me by until luckily I saw a tweet talking about the upcoming deadline.

I actually follow the Bridport twitter account but because I follow so many people there are a lot of tweets that just pass me by, so it’s time I went ahead and set up my lists so that I don’t miss things.

I finished a short story recently but it was over 8,000 words. I tried to cut it down but seeing as I’d already redrafted it a fair few times there wasn’t 3,000 words of fat to cut off and I had an idea for a story that was perfect for the 5,000 length anyway.

It’s actually been quite fun forcing myself to work to such an impending deadline and honing my story quickly and hopefully effectively.

All in all, I suppose I’d have to say it hasn’t been the best preparation but I’ll give it a go.

Mandatory Work Placement

So, after signing on for less than a month, my advisor ambushed me the other day with the news that I have to do a mandatory work placement, which basically means I get given a job somewhere that I have to do for up to 30 hours a week – for no pay. I also had to go to a 2 hour CV workshop this week – this after my adviser said that my CV looked good but ‘I’ll book you on it anyway’. Needless to say the workshop was a waste of my time.

I won’t say anything more about the job centre for now except that obviously part of signing on is applying for jobs and unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything back so far and have broadened my search to other sectors like retail. Still, I applied for a job yesterday that I hope to hear back from. I tailored my CV and cover letter specifically for that company (which I normally do anyway but in this case I really went for it, hopefully not in an over the top way), so we’ll see what happens.


Today was my grandparents 57th wedding anniversary and so I (gladly) took time out from the writing to celebrate and eat, drink, and you know, generally be merry.

And that’s that.


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