Writing101 Day One – Also My 50th Post.

OK then, twenty minutes of free-writing. The first thing that springs to mind is asking myself what my idea of liberty is. The organisation Liberty are asking for people to write in and describe what their idea of liberty is in 500 words. I have a fair idea, an idea that is becoming clearer as I think about it and will think on it some more before I submit my piece.

The second thing that springs to mind is the death of Maya Angelou. In the wake of her passing there have of course been numerous articles, tweets and blog posts written about her. For my part, I’ve spent time thinking about whether I was going to actually write my own post, or just leave it and keep my thoughts to myself. I know that she is someone I greatly admire and whose work genuinely touched and inspired me. I guess I felt wary of rushing in and writing down a whole bunch of things to that effect without really getting across anything deeper then surface level thoughts, which to my mind would be a waste. So instead I’ve taken my time and ruminated on it and if I feel I have anything truly worthwhile to say, then I will. Although, in saying that, she did in many ways inspire my entry to the Bridport prize.

Which brings me to writing competitions and contests, which I have resolved to enter more of.

I’m currently reading The Road Less Travelled, a self-help book by M. Scott Peck. It opens with a section on discipline and I don’t really know why I’m mentioning this, except that I have a few folded pages which represent future blog posts based on the content of the pages I folded. This was a habit I got into during the time I read In Cold Blood about a month ago, which I started doing to make me more mindful of what I was reading and to be something that I could go back to in the future and relive how a particular book made me feel and think.

I’m annoyed that I didn’t follow through with Gravity’s Rainbow and will have to go back to it now. For some reason I just couldn’t get into it.

I’ve got a fitness bootcamp tonight. One of my new years resolutions was to keep up the healthy lifestyle and now I’m looking to step it up even further.

That’s it, twenty minutes of free writing. This is the first time I’ve ever free written by typing and have to say that I think free writing by handwriting works better to get deeper into your mind.


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