Writing101 Day Three – Three Songs

I’ll just quickly say that, in regards to the free writing, on day one I included my free writing in my post but spoke about how I felt free-typing wasn’t as effective as actually free-writing by hand. So this time I’ve done it by hand and not typed it up.

OK then, three songs that are important to me. Let’s go.

Undone (The Sweater Song) – Weezer

Takes me right back to my final year at college, the night before an English Literature exam in fact. In the months previous my mates had got me into this band called Weezer – who, until then I had never heard off – and in particular the Blue album. I fell in love with it and so it was that my first ever gig was seeing Weezer with a big group of friends at the Brixton Academy, where they went through most if not all, of the Blue album. Perfect.

(Oh and in regards to the exam, I had to lie to my mum and say I was going to a friends house to do some last minute revision. And I passed.)


Karma Police – Radiohead

On one of the many nights spent in my friend’s back garden drinking and listening to music, I suddenly tuned in to a song that was playing, and I mean really tuned in. I think, but can’t be sure, that it was Paranoid Android, but anyway it was Radiohead and so started a supreme love affair with a band that is easily my favourite of all time. Unfortunately, I still haven’t seen them live yet but the next time they tour I’ll be there.

Why Karma Police? Just because it was the song that -when I was first going through their back catalogue – instantly connected with me.

Also, and what I think is a cool little story, when I bought my first iPod and hit shuffle on my songs, the first song to play – Karma Police.


The End Of You Too – Metronomy

Metronomy happen to be the band I’ve seen live the most – it’s either five or six times, all over London – and what they, and this tune in particular, represent, is great nights out with my best mates.

The whole album reminds me of going to visit my mate at university in Manchester with the intention of staying for a night and then heading back to London. I ended up staying for a bit longer then that, went out every night and this album was pretty much on constantly.




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