Writing 101, Day Five – A Different Road

Another morning, another journey to the train station taken grudgingly, frustration in my heart, sorrow in my soul. Another day of hating myself for not having the courage to do something different, to free myself from the tethers of the everyday – the chains that I swear that given half the chance I would break free from. The truth is that there is always more than just half a chance to break free, in fact the door to another life, another way of living is wide open. It’s the fear of change, the fear of freedom, that stops you.

And so it is always another morning, and another journey, and after a few hours it is another day, wasted, having been spent stuck behind a counter serving customers and not challenging myself intellectually, spiritually, hell even physically.

That used to be a typical day.

But yesterday was different. Yesterday as I trudged along the same street I do every day, I saw an envelope on the floor, an envelope simply marked ‘For You.’

I stopped and stared at it. ‘Who, me?’ I chuckled to myself. The truth is though, that I was compelled to bend down and pick it up. When I opened it, took out the sheet of paper and unfolded it, this is what it said.

Neo, please, you have to trust me.


Because you’ve been down there,
Neo. You already know that road.
You know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you want to be.

That was it, a tiny extract from The Matrix. I knew that film very well and knew exactly the significance of the scene. It was an invitation – forget your doubts, your fears – enter a new world. I looked at the road ahead of me and knew exactly where it led.

I looked at the envelope again – ‘For You’ – it was meant for any and everyone. Anyone who felt like me, everyone who wanted to break free and needed to feel a spark of some sort of divine intervention. Who ever had placed it there was providing that spark.

I placed the sheet of paper back in the envelope and put it back on the floor. I hoped that someone would see the way it was addressed and feel compelled to pick it up.

As for me, I looked down the road again and resolved to go in the opposite direction. I went back home, went online and bought a plane ticket for the furthest destination I could get to – Canada – and that is where I am writing this from now.

Who knows what happens next.


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