Just A Couple Of Things 6

The World Cup

Following on from my post the other day  – the next month is going to be awesome. Wall to wall football, it doesn’t get any better.

Have to say I’m disappointed with the outcome of the first match because of the awful decision to award Brazil a penalty. I was rooting for Croatia because of one man: Luka Modric, a wonderful footballer who I fell in love with during his time at the club I support: Tottenham Hotspur.

By and large I’ll be rooting for any and all players with any connection to Tottenham. It is true that we also have a player in the Brazilian midfield – Paulinho – but he hasn’t quite overtaken Modric in my affections.

Stepping away from Writing101

I was keeping up to date with writing101 but have decided to step back from that and concentrate on the short story and poetry I’m going to be submitting to a competition at the end of this month, as well as getting back to blogging along to books I’m reading.

Trying to up my blogging game. 

It occurs to me that this piece of advice from Laurie Penny

In those in-between times my personal rule was that I would post at least once a week. The trick is, you don’t need to post every day – or even every few days. It’s better to work for a week on one thing you’re happy with, than to fire off lots of mini-blogs. Narrowing down what you’re doing will help you focus on the craft and quality of your work.

And also this –

I’ve never collected money through my blog. I started offering one-off posts to various newspapers and I got paid to do that. To bloggers starting to pitch to newspapers I say for every 10 pitch emails you send you’re going to get one reply, so don’t be disheartened.

You have to practice pitching. Rather than sending a link to your blog, I’d send a link to a relevant article [on your blog]. I find with women and with anybody who’s not any combination of white and male and from a private school – the less they look like our idea of the typical newspaper reporter, the less confident they seem to be in sending off pitches because they assume they’re not going to be noticed.

The people who get opportunities are the ones who pitch stuff that they’re not quite up to. Pitch stuff that is slightly beyond what you think you can achieve, then you step up to it. That’s something I’d like to see women in particular doing more of.

Is something I really should be looking at doing. So I’m going to make an effort to do all of the above and add to the more personal posts I do.

New music from Lana Del Rey

I loved her first album and have been waiting impatiently for her to release a follow up. Finally, on Monday, that time will have come. At the time, I said that Born To Die was one of my favourite albums of the last few years but subsequently, my love for it has grown to the point that I’d comfortably place it as one of my favourite albums ever.

A Song

And so, for the first song I’ve posted in a while, it makes sense to include a song from Lana’s new album. I’ve heard two so far and liked them both. Here’s West Coast.




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