Just A Couple Of Things 7

Taking This Blog Forward

Following on from my last post, for now I’m going to settle on a fixed format for my blog going forward. I think my Monday and Friday posts will now always go under the ‘just a couple of things’ banner, and then any extra posts will be longer, more focused posts.

Currently I’m thinking ahead to a few posts that I want to write that seem interesting to me –

  1. Can you (successfully) psychoanalyse yourself
  2. How becoming more neurotic will help England become an international team to fear once more (football)
  3. Did the Blair years make a generation of youngsters grow up with character disorders?

all are just speculative titles/subjects at the moment that I will take my time with over the next couple of weeks.

I’m sure I can come up with a better about page too.

The Writing Schedule For The Next Couple Of Weeks

Following on from entering the Bridport prize for the first time a couple of weeks ago, there are a couple of competitions I will be entering at the end of this month too. One is a short story prize judged by Hilary Mantel, and the other is a poetry prize.

For the Hilary Mantel prize I will be submitting the same story I did for the Bridport plus another story that I am currently rewriting to bring it down from a current word total of over 8000 words to the prize limit of 5,000.

As for the poetry prize, I’m not sure yet. I’ve got one that I will definitely enter, but I’m also working on some new stuff at the moment but as of right now it’s all very sketchy.

I’m never really sure with poetry, I always seem to be off the mark, as in the stuff I think is good usually doesn’t register how I expect with other people, but then the stuff I think really isn’t much good seems to be the stuff that people like. But anyway, I’ll try nonetheless.

My World Cup So Far

By world cup, I specifically mean how well my betting has gone. I don’t gamble much but seeing as it’s the world cup why not, and so far, so good, as I’ve managed to turn the initial 5 pound I put into my SkyBet account into £60, which paid for this –



I’ve got my eye on a couple of Kettlebells now and it will be interesting to see what else I’ll be able to treat myself to through world cup winnings – unless I lose it all of course.



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