Just A Couple Of Things 8

Back in a writing routine

Yep, it took a little while, but I’ve finally got back into my usual regular routine. The break in the routine had a lot to do with the impending house move but in the words of Jillian Michaels in one of her fitness videos, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, so I’m getting up a couple hours earlier then I normally would to fit in a few good hours of quality writing time in case stuff comes up during the day, which at the moment is happening a lot.

I’m working on a variety of things at the moment, including a new script and starting to write articles for submission to magazines, which leads me to –


I’ve done my homework and got a list of sites that I can send articles too, so the aim is to have the first batch done next week and start submitting them for consideration.


I’m finally getting round to finishing the last of my TEFL course. The question is whether I will go ahead and take the plunge and actually look to move abroad and use it.

I think the part that scares me is the actual working in a school and being tied in. But, on looking at the options again, there are various other much more flexible options – private tutoring abroad, volunteering – options that appeal to me much more and offer more freedom.

With the increasing imminence of a move away from London, maybe now is the time to embrace a whole range of new opportunities and experiences.

Guardian Debate

I got my tickets for a forthcoming debate on the subject of  ‘Are drugs the answer to learning languages?’

Scientists have discovered that drugs previously used to treat mood disorders can dramatically enhance your capacity to learn. If you could take a pill to boost your ability to learn a language, what are the moral, practical, social and medical implications? How else can these drugs be used? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Quite looking forward to this, the general premise/idea makes me think of the Bradley Cooper film Limitless.

I attended one of these debates last year on the war on drugs, which had a really awesome panel of guests, including David Simon.

These events are free to attend and take place at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, you just have to submit a request for tickets (hopefully there’s still some available).




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