Just A Couple Of Things 9

The estate agents have been in

We now have a fair idea of the price we are likely to get and which estate agent we are going to go with. It’ll be on the market by the end of the week. Things are moving along swiftly and with that being said there isn’t much time or point in dwelling on an impending move that wouldn’t be the first choice of things to do.

But also, it does offer the opportunity of a fresh start and as a family I’d say we’re optimistic people willing to just get on with things.

It’s certainly annoying to hear estate agents go on about how unique and lovely the house is because of all the work that has been done to it, which now of course is of no benefit to us. Coupled with the fact that we will have to move out of London, thus making it unlikely that we’ll ever be able to afford to come back and buy a house in our own city, is again, annoying.

I completed my TEFL course

Yep, I went ahead and finished my online course, now I just to need investigate all the available avenues with a view to possibly making use of it from January onwards.

Looking at agents to submit writing to

I had a little look at a few websites for agents today as my novel came to mind again. Since I last looked there has been a big change in the submission process of one agent which, at first glance, seems a good step forward. I’ll discuss it properly another time.

Last November I took part in NaNoWriMo and wrote 80,000 words and haven’t done much work on it since, instead focusing on scripts and short stories.

I started reading over it again and as has been the case whenever I have done this, I’ve been pretty happy with what I produced, hence me thinking ahead. When it comes to things like moving house it’s probably not wise to plan too far in advance but if we could be moved in and settled in a new place in time for me to really go for it at NaNoWriMo again and finish it off, that would be pretty cool.


And that’s it for now



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