So writers, who do you submit your articles and opinion pieces to?

Just a quick post to put the question that’s in the title out there – what websites/magazines do you target and which have you found to be receptive to your articles and ideas?

I mentioned recently that I was going to start writing articles and start sending them to different places and so far have drawn up a list of websites that would appear to be a good fit for some of the things I want to write about.

As an example of the kind of stuff I’m writing at the moment, today I wrote about the British Medical Association and their decision to vote for a ban on making the sale of cigarettes illegal to anyone born after the year 2000, saying that whilst it is illiberal and probably unenforceable, it is the kind of radical stance we need to apply to the obesity debate to actually start making much needed policy changes in regards to the food industry and the way we as a society think about food.

I’ve also written one on cinema and debating the issue on whether it really matters whether you see a film on the small or big screen.

So now I’m throwing it out there to you and hope to get some responses.


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