Just A Couple Of Things 10

Sugar Withdrawal

Back when I started this blog in January I spoke about how I was drastically changing the way I ate and also the way I thought about food consumption in general. I made big changes that I was not only sticking too but that I was seeing the benefit from. One of those changes was the removal of sugar from diet save for alcohol every so often.

Somehow in the last two months I slipped back into bad habits which snowballed and culminated in a lot of chocolate/fast food/bread/biscuits being consumed. So on Sunday I did what I did at the start of the year and went cold turkey and just like last time it has been stupidly hard in the first couple of days.

When your body is adjusting to the new state of affairs everything makes you annoyed which doesn’t make you pleasant to be around, not to mention that you feel lethargic and even a little ill as you brain adjusts to not having false energy pumped into it.

What exactly shook me out of the bad habits I had slipped into again? Well, I ended up watching another food documentary and being reminded just why I changed my habits in the first place. This time it was Hungry For Change and it was one of the better, more compelling ones I’ve watched. I think that to keep up the changes I’m going to have to set aside one time each month where I actually sit down, watch it and remind myself to stick to it and why what is now considered a ‘normal’ diet is anything but.

Reading, editing and finishing my novel

That is my target for the next couple of months. This month the target is to read it and do some edits. Two chapters a day will see it done by the end of the month.

Usually I wouldn’t read back over my work until it was completely finished but because there has been such a gap between when I was last working on it and because there’s over 80,000 words of story to deal with, going back and properly immersing myself in the story before I finish off the final act will in this instance be beneficial.


I finished The Road Less Travelled and thought it was a remarkable book with some great insights and advice that I think could genuinely help guide people to a better understanding of themselves, why they do the things they do and how to break bad habits and patterns to improve their quality of life.

I’ve now moved on to Big Brother by Lionel Shriver which I can’t wait to read, as We Need To Talk About Kevin was one of my favourite books of the last couple of years (the film too was really good).

A Song

Haven’t finished with a song in a long time, so here’s one, and it’s an awesome one.



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