Just A Couple Of Things 11

Having checked, it seems my last blog update was on June 30th. We’ll call the break inbetween posts a midsummer hiatus.

It took six months to break my new years resolution of updating my blog at the very least twice a week but happily, the other resolutions have stayed intact. So what’s been going on?


In my last post I spoke about how I was just about to start Big Brother by Lionel Shriver. Well I finished it and found it very enjoyable. I’d probably place it a little behind We Need to Talk About Kevin in the impact it had on me but it was still a good ride.

I’m now in the middle of Doloroes Claiborne by the Kingmeister, and it really is very good. I haven’t read a Stephen King book in years (I think Cell was the last one), but I think this could possibly be right up there with my very favourite book of his, which is Misery.

I’ve got my eye on Chester Himes The Heat’s On for my next one.

I was thinking recently how I’ve read some cracking books this year (1984, In Cold Blood among them), but 2014 will always be the year I remember for reading Infinite Jest – just incredible.


I’ve managed to have two journalism articles published on Sabotage Times, I’ve submitted a short story to River Ram Press and am finally getting round to finishing the novella that has been talked about on this blog for way too long.

So in regards to writing things have been fairly productive.

Also have a new short story idea to start and am looking to rework a screenplay I wrote last year because I have a new angle for it that I think makes it a whole lot stronger.


I’ve spied a couple of bookshop vacancies and so am going to go in person and hand my CV in to the manager. They’ve all got online applications you can do but I think the personal touch is better.


And that, for now at least, is all she wrote.



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