Just A Couple Of Things 12

Another long break between posts, a whole month in fact. I’m determined to get back on track and start updating this blog twice a week again, if only for the fact that it’s a good writing habit and that I found that having a set blogging routine seemed to increase discipline in my other writing projects.

Recurring Dreams 

in my teenage years I used to have recurring nightmares about tornadoes, but whatever caused them was evidently worked out of my subconscious.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been having a nightmare where I’m trapped in the past; specifically I’m back at secondary school again. I have all the knowledge I have now but of course I just sound like I’m crazy or playing some kind of elaborate prank when I attempt to vocalise this in the dream. In the dream I feel doomed to have go through it all again when I just want to get back to my actual life.

It doesn’t take a psychotherapist to work out the meanings behind these dreams, at least I think I’m fairly spot when I say that these dreams represent the bridge I need to get over in terms of being employed and beginning to build some semblance of a future. Out of education and living at home with no money, its easy to feel powerless and without freedom, just as a child.

The dreams though are tinged with the nostalgia of the freedom that was on offer back then, as in moving from moment to moment but always being completely alive in the present and not bothered by the past or the future, which on balance are two of the worst concepts to dwell on for too long when the present is a fragile state and needs full attention.

Films, Books and TV

There was a time when I was on a roll talking about the books and films I’d been watching/reading and again, taking the time to put together ideas and thoughts about them had a positive knock-on effect on my own writing. I will have to go into more detail about these over time, especially Fringe, which I finished last week and is a TV show that truly deserves a full post.

I’m also reading The Crying of Lot 49 which has made me appreciate much more the similarities between Pynchon and Wallace in terms of their very distinctive wit and of course just how scarily talented they are. Earlier this year I read Infinite Jest and was blown away (which is actually very much an understatement), I then tried to read Gravity’s Rainbow but was completely overwhelmed at the time; I just couldn’t get into it but really, maybe jumping straight in so soon after IJ wasn’t the smartest move.

As for films I watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Paranormal Activity 2 and re-watched Shutter Island during what was a very hungover Sunday.

I thought they were all pretty good but because of the hangover, trying to put together reviews like the other film posts I’ve done would be a tough task, I’d probably have to watch them again when my brain could engage more.

In fact, if this whole post feels out of sync, it’s because my brain still hasn’t woken up yet. Stupid alcohol.

A Song

Like I used to do when I was in the midst of blogging regularly.

How about some B.B. King? This is one of my favourite ever performances.




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