Just A Couple Of Things 13

….There’s no way to trace it, unless you want to follow up an accidental correlation, like you got from the old man.”

“You think it’s really a correlation?” She thought of how tenuous it was, like a long white hair, over a century long. Two very old men. All these fatigued brain cells between herself and the truth.

(The Crying of Lot 49, Page 65)


I think the above quote is a damn good reason to keep a diary, or a blog. Even if right now you sit there and genuinely think you’re writing things which are of no importance, in the distant future who knows what truths will emerge about yourself when you look back. What seems inconsequential now could well be the foundation that adds colour and vibrancy to your recollections; even the simple things like what you were listening to, what books you were reading, what films and TV shows you were watching, what was preoccupying your mind at the time.

Speed Reading

The Crying of Lot 49 is by far the smallest book I’ve read this year at a pithy 127 pages long and yet, I’m still reading it more than three weeks after starting it. I’m a slow reader at the best of times (in this case there is a slight mitigating circumstance in that I actually started and finished another book after starting …Lot 49) and rarely get through more than one book a month.

I have in the past tried to make myself read quicker and so get through more books, and so I was drawn to an article in the Guardian the other day with the headline ‘Can you read a novel in three hours?’

Not surprisingly the article was about speed reading  and the comments section has many people advocating the practice of speed reading but rather than swaying me further towards the idea of reading faster, I’ve gone in the opposite direction.

It put into focus that yes, I might read slower than some people, but I also spend a lot of time living in the world of the story and thinking about the characters and the implications of what is going on with each page and the possible ramifications this will have throughout the rest of the story. When I am really into a book I can spend minutes at a time just reading one page, letting every detail resonate in my mind. As for when I’m finished, again I can spend a very long time just thinking about the story. Really, it’s all that thinking time that slows me down but that’s where I get the most enjoyment; so, on balance, because of the enjoyment I get from the way I read, I don’t think I’ll trade my slower style for speed.


One more rewrite and it will finally, finally, be complete. Added 4,000 new words to it over the past few days to flesh out a section that not only really needed it but that has finally put me in a place where I can say that one more rewrite will be enough.


That will be it for now I think.






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