Ebola and the hubris of rich nations

Ah yes, watch the news today and you’ll see reports of how people will be checked for symptoms of Ebola as they enter the country, with lots of facts and figures about how the spread of the disease in Africa is strikingly rampant and only set to get worse.

Funny how the international community is now so active with recommendations and plans on to contain and combat the disease.

Now, of course there has been extensive coverage, but only now that it seems set to cross into our lovely rich countries (and channel 4 news just said as much, in case my point seems designed to fit some pre arranged narrative of nobody caring about ‘poorer’ countries), do we see a global task force being put together.

The simple thing to ask then is, why did we not proactively and properly step in with our ample resources as soon as this nasty disease reared its ugly head and attempt to nip it in the bud? Considering how violent the disease is, it seems rather negligent to have sat back and, what, hope for it to stay confined in Africa? In this day and age? With the travel options available?

The resources to truly help have been there from the start, sadly the willingness hasn’t been.

And if anyone chooses to bring up an economic angle in regards to the lack of help so far, I urge you to simply take a look at any capital city in a developed city. Look at the buildings, the cars, the clothes the citizens wear and understand we are literally dripping in wealth. There is most certainly money.

The failure to step in and help properly, with proper resources from the start, was hubris, nothing more.


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