Reblogging this because it’s a great post that has a great message to keep going after what you truly want, something I myself always talk about. I know that everyone who is chasing their dreams goes through times where they fear failure and think it would be easier to go work a standard 9-5, so every now and then you need to fortify your ambitions by reading something inspirational, whether that be motivational posters/videos or simply a blog post like this.


Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 1.57.57 PM


I remember answering this question as a little girl and saying “I want to be a superstar like Mariah Carey, a supermodel like Tyra, an actress and a heart surgeon. Honestly, it depended on what day you asked me. My imagination was constantly filled with new ideas and new dreams. In my eight-year old mind, all of these dreams were attainable and I never questioned whether or not I was capable enough to fulfill them. I find myself writing about dreams often, because I find it interesting how as I stepped into adult hood, my focus shifted from dreaming to being more “realistic”. Why was it easier as a child to “reach for the stars”, but once I stepped into the real world, they seemed too far to grab?

I know one thing that has tried to stop me from going…

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