Woah, I did a blog post last night?

Yeah, I definitely had a few pints yesterday. The day started with a lunchtime tipple alongside a meal at a local carvery as I saw my stepdad for the first time in a couple of months.

The evening saw a few more drinks consumed as I met up with a mate (Owain) I hadn’t seen in about eight years. After I dropped out of university in Brighton and moved back home, I lost contact with all the friends I’d made. But then a couple of weeks ago, on the way home from a night out, I happened to bump into Owain on the bus and it turned out he lives not to far from me. Funny how things turn out.


Man, I’ve blogged more this week then ever; there’s a few reasons for that but mostly it’s for the simple reason I find blogging is kind of like sparring; I just throw everything down on here and then when I switch to my creative projects, it’s like I’m warmed up and my brain is ready to go. It’s definitely helped as I work my way through my novella this week, which unbelievably, is edging delightfully close to being completed.

Next Week

Plans for next week? More writing obviously, but also, I’ve set myself a target of applying for a minimum of ten jobs tomorrow and generally applying for a lot more jobs next week, because Jeeze, money be tight y’all.


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