Blowing away the cobwebs with a good old Monday run

I think I’ve mentioned before that, rather than viewing Monday negatively, I actually really enjoy the onset of a new week. The only exception to this is if I’ve had a few drinks over the weekend. As I inch ever closer to 30 – with less than 2 years remaining of my membership of the twenty-something club – the two day hangover has begun to become a familiar consequence of indulging in what is really my only remaining vice.

So today, to clear my head properly I went for a nice quick run. Over the last year and a bit running has become a bigger part of my life then I thought it would. I’ve clocked up over 200 miles and even though there have been a few quiet months along the way, I always return to it. The feeling you get after a good run is amazing, and hey, it’s free.

Taking up running has also coincided with something else I’ve mentioned before, which is a change in diet. I’ve really gone for it in the last few months and have been experimenting with things like intermittent fasting. The results have taken even me by surprise. I haven’t actually been this light since I was a teenager, my running times are getting faster, I’m healthier then I’ve been in a long time.

I’ve started doing weights again now as well – I stopped for a while – the plan now being to settle roundabout where I am now weight wise and decide if I wanna try and put on a few pounds of muscle (which would mean changing my diet slightly again) over the course of a few months, or like I said, just maintaining where I am until I reel off a couple of goals: bringing my one mile and 5k times right down and getting better at the 10k.


Check out this picture I took which is right at the very start of my normal running route; looks a little sinister doesn’t it; a rope just hanging there from a tree branch; for what purposes though? Yes I know, probably very innocent ones, but still……



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