So I’m a hippy now?

I was talking to my mate about my increased interest in all things healthy and I suppose spiritual. I was saying how I’d gone past the stage of it being a passing fad; in fact, my interest had grown.

I’ve put a whole host of lifestyle changes in place that I’ve actually stuck to and am always keen to try and implement new things; in fact I’d begun to wonder if I’m on the path to someday being a non-drinking (surely not) vegan.

But anyway, I described how I’d come across these websites that show you how to make natural equivalents of all those indispensable hygiene and grooming products that we rely on. I gave the example of making your own moisturiser, and how it actually seemed quite easy – and appealing – to do; she then turned to me and said,

“So basically you’re a hippy now.”

Shit, am I? Is that what I’m slowly morphing into?

Hmm, well I haven’t grown my hair long since I was a teenager and it’s not a look I’m desperately in favour of bringing back. Although, I did grow a magnificent beard earlier on this year (sadly today I am clean shaven)

Exhibit A (extra points for The Dark Knight Returns?)
Exhibit A

and just the other day I was talking about how great it would be to run off and start a writers commune in the woods somewhere and build a little village.

But in all seriousness, if living a healthier, more natural lifestyle and being more aware of what I put into my body, if being more concious of where my food comes from and as such slowly but surely turning against meat because of the disgusting cruelty against animals, if all of that and more means I’m a hippy – then I guess I’ll wear that label with pride.

*After all, magic mushrooms are hella fun.


featured image taken from here



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