Music, you cruel mistress you

I had to capture this as a stream of conciousness before it all faded away. It felt important to do it.

Sometimes you listen to a tune and more memories then you know what to do or deal with hit you with an otherworldly impact, like that devil nostalgia was just waiting for you to put your guard down and unleash a flurry of devilish blows. You feel it in your gut, your arms, your head and your heart, your heart feels so heavy it’s like it wants to rip itself from its moorings and sink without trace down into your stomach to be dissolved by all the acid and whatever else lingers down there so that it doesn’t have to feel anything anymore.

Your mind reacts as if it’s dying and everything that meant anything floods your senses and kills you just a little bit more with each flashing face and remembered word and why does nothing last? How many times do you have to recreate new memories?

It never rained when I was young and every goddamn blissful day spent with friends was a day well spent. All I remember is laughter.


Featured image taken from here


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