Man, I hate CV’s

Documents full of embellishments and half-truths, they really do wind me up these days. Growing up I always thought of a CV as a simple document listing your experience, education and if it matched the requirements of the job you’d go in for an interview and they’d get to see what you were like in person and go from there.

As time has gone on they seem to have morphed into monstrous entities: personal profiles, personal statements, key skills, sell sell sell.

It makes me sick.

I’ve spoken to my mum and other people older than me about this and they all seem to back up my thinking that CV’s were a different, more functional beast in days gone by.

In essence it’s the language of a CV that winds me up, it’s like you have to fawn over yourself. I find it very unattractive, unappealing and just downright horrible; a sort of masturbation where everyone strokes themselves silly over any achievement they might have made.

Anyway, I could  rant for ages but I won’t.


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  1. And god forbid your CV extend one page if you have limited work experience. Now, not just cover letters, but CVs need to be tailored to the job you are applying, using “buzz words” from the job advert. Sickening and masturchistic.

    • agh, buzz words, now there’s a phrase to really get my blood boiling. The sheer insistence and importance placed on these things mystifies me.

      I – and most other people – are quite capable of expressing our ability and desire for a job without resorting to the use of buzz words or any other on trend way of saying ‘I’d like a job please’.

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