Alcohol – the truth serum

So it would appear that I went ahead and blogged about the fact I went to Birmingham late on Saturday night when I got back home, the second time I’ve blogged drunk and forgotten about it. I did a film review of The Paperboy recently where I said it was my first post created using my phone, describing that it was far more natural than I thought it would be. Turns out it really is way too intuitive and easy to do just that at any time and in any state.

I talk a fair amount about healthy living, healthy eating, but sometimes you have to cut lose too, and Saturday was a great cheat day, full of booze –





Football –


And drunkenness with mates –


It was when we’d returned back to London and was walking back to my mates house that apparently we had a discussion about weed – in particular my reaction to my mate saying that he’d stopped smoking it –


That convo did take place after more than 12 hours of beer and a very long day, he didn’t mind though because he actually prefers not smoking it. I’ve never outright been forceful in saying I don’t really like weed and actually did find it annoying that he smoked it and I guess my drunken brain took the chance to get it out there safe in the knowledge that he’d stopped anyway.



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