NaNoWriMo and new script excitement


I was going back and forth over different ideas and whether I was even going to do NaNoWriMo this year but I’ve now decided on what I’m going to do and I’m pretty excited.

Last year I knew months in advance that I was going take on the challenge and had a firm idea on what I wanted to do and had a plan as well. I know a lot of people go into it with very little or even no preparation and see what they come up with but I wanted to use it as a platform for getting my first novel underway, which is why I set myself the challenge of doing 80,000 words instead of 50,000, which I achieved.

This year I have a vague, actually a very vague, idea that came to me ages ago in the form of a couple of scenes that just came into my head and that I thought were cool. I saw it as a script first but think it will work really well as a 50,000 word, straight to the point novel. The storyline will revolve around two teenage charlatan mediums who prey on the vulnerable but end up falling foul of things they never believed existed.

New Script

I’ve also got a new script that I’m going to write (maybe before Halloween, we’ll see) that is going to be a psychosexual horror. It’s going to be a ten page script – give or take a couple of pages but ten is the aim – set in a house out in the sticks.

The basic backstory is: A young man moves to the house with the sick mother he has looked after for a long time and, using money inherited from a family members death, renovates what is a very old home into something modern. What they don’t know is what they’ve disturbed and awoken by doing so.

It takes place over a 24 hour period during the visit of the young mans sister.


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