You’d have to be a particuarly stupid politican to get caught up in this feminist t-shirt backlash

You may have seen last week that there was a minor furore over the fact David Cameron didn’t come out and follow Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg’s example in wearing t-shirts with a feminist slogan across the front.

Now of course, it turns out that the “T-shirts (were) made by women in a Mauritius factory reportedly paid as little as 62p an hour.” Viva la Feminism.

Now I say of course because how did no one see this as a possible outcome? How could you possibly not think that someone (in this case the Mail on Sunday) would go and do some digging with exactly this angle in mind and come up trumps? We are talking about the garment industry here. Surely before agreeing to don a t-shirt to show your support, you’d make sure that oh, I don’t know, women hadn’t been exploited in the making of them; a scenario that I myself would deem to be quite possible, the t-shirts are after all made by some company called Compagnie Mauricienne de Textile (CMT), who have “a turnover of £125 million”, which brings up another horrible, disgusting point, that point being the marriage of social campaigns with companies interested ultimately only in profit.

Seriously, why politicians (and actors and sports stars) get involved in such nonsense as t-shirt campaigns is beyond me.

Wristbands, laces, t-shirts, the lot of it, what a silly, childish way to show support for anything. Do you know what works equally well, in fact what works even better? Words. Using the platform your status and position affords you and clearly and loudly proclaiming what your opinion is. Here are some examples –

  • I’m a feminist
  • I’m against homophobia
  • I’m against racism

I could go on but I’m just a guy who writes a blog. I’m not a leader of a political party or an actor or a bunch of footballers who think its fine to dilute an important message about homophobia behind some fucking stupid rainbow shoelaces. Just stand up and be counted. No frills, no cosying up to some initiative. Just stand up, state your position and in the case of politicians, fucking well use you position to continue pushing for reforms to bring about social and gender equality. And leave the fucking t-shirts out of it.




  1. Oh, but this is something we do. In the United States, we declare our intentions silently while our body armor and car bumpers do the speaking for us. We are all in this together. No, I don’t think so.

    nice bridge/whist reference.

    • haha, now that body armour/car bumper point is well put

      It’s just something that really winds me up, I really have no interest in silly t-shirts which then get used for point scoring if you do/don’t wear them. The actual policies behind a politician are what count.

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