So I’ve suggested to my mum that we start a business together

I believe that I’ve mentioned before that my mum suffers from ME, a condition that she has suffered with for so long that in many respects even I have got to the point where I can’t really remember clearly a time before she was sick to the point where, the illness has almost become the defining feature of her whole being.

Of course, that is simply not true. What is true however, is that over the years my mum has started two businesses of her own and has over 20 years of photography experience, including being a wedding photographer. What is also true is that I’ve listened to her say numerous times over the last few years that one day she would like to get into the business of selling her photography. I’ve listened, but not heard. Because what is also true is that, although I am actively looking for work, I quite frankly have no real interest in putting my time, energy and passion into someone else’s company. It’s just something that has to be done to pay bills and everything else.

But that’s the thing. You see, because we are rapidly running out of money to be able to pay the mortgage and everything else, our house is currently on the market. When we move we will be moving to a place where we won’t have a mortgage over our heads and so have infinitely less stress. It’s true that we will be moving out of London and away from family and friends, but we’ll cope with that. As for the option of me finding full time work, staying in London and renting, my mum – and I – both have reservations of throwing money down a black hole.

So what makes more sense. In my eyes, it makes sense that we work together as a team. It makes sense that we take my mums business skills and experience, and my energy and knowledge of all things digital (social media presence and everything that entails), and put it all together.

My thinking is that I can learn the ins and outs of all the administrative side from her and also pour my creative energies into ideas for different styles and types of photos that are (horrible phrase coming up) ‘on-trend’ etc, alongside her more traditional photography.

I guess essentially it boils down to this: I’m young, healthy and energetic, so I am perfectly capable of being delegated to and can carry the business when my mum is to ill to do so, and when she is fine she does what she can and bit by bit we can build something. And no, nobody is talking of empires and pots of money here, just something that we can call ours and that can provide an income.

I think, bit by bit, if we take our time but, are also assertive and decisive, there is no reason we can’t achieve something to be proud of.

I’m putting together a plan as we speak.



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