Curry goat and roti made by my granddad – om nom nom nom

So I guess I blog about everything now. Seriously though, curry goat and roti is one of my favourite things in the world. This was actually from yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to post it and remembered it was in my drafts folder.

My granddad is Jamaican and even though he’s well into his eighties now he can still cook a good hearty meal. It doesn’t get much better than this or dumplings or a fiery oxtail soup. Om nom nom indeed. And all of it comes with a side order of some laugh out loud talk from a man who doesn’t handle being hungry well.

Granddad: Me belly feel like it a go drop out – Translation: I’m fucking hungry.

Granddad: Me hungry till me head jus a spin round – Translation: I’m fucking hungry

But to be fair, have you ever been so hungry you’ve felt dizzy? That feeling is not the one.



  1. Curried goat and oxtail soup! You are killing me! Takes me back to days on White Plains Road in the Bronx NYC. Oh, and do you mind that I said the words of your granddad out loud in an accent? It seemed phonetically fitting.

    • Hahahaha saying it out loud is the only way, well, the best way, to do it.

      I did a little search on the place you mentioned, it couldn’t look more like the images I get in my head when I think about all the different areas of NYC. One day I’ll see it in person.

      • for a true melting pot experience, you should go to Queens NYC, specifically Jackson Heights. Almost every ethnicity is represented in food and culture. In less than a 5 minute radius you can get yak, Philippine bread, palak paneer and borscht.
        No place like NYC.

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